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Abdullah Ali Abbasi has been blogging since 2009. However, he wrote extensively from 2014 onward.

You can check a few of his writings on Quora – Following this link. He also founded a blogging channel named Hard Hour – Explore this link.

Member American Society of Civil Engineers.

He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Prestigious Pakistan Engineering Council. He has written few articles on Civil Engineering. He says that he is not very happy with the Engineering Practices that we perform in the country. However, he is always willing to contribute to the betterment of this field.

My Silence Won’t Last Forever!
I will roar like a lion.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi

Abdullah Ali Abbasi’s Entrepreneurial Venture

Below is a brief intro to his Entrepreneurial Journey. Enjoy, Interact, and leave your feedback.

Infinity Binary

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My Friends Will Bravo and my enemies will sneak.
Don’t wait for that day to come. Align Yourself!

Abdullah Ali Abbasi

Hard Hour – Blog

A Blog gathering people of different interests.

Hard Hour is a blogging platform. The platform believes in the freedom to speak the goodness. The blog is open to people of different backgrounds and experiences.
The blog has accepted contributions from Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Nutritionists, Business-persons, Developers, Bloggers, Journalists, and many others.

Make Your Voice Matter & we are here to project it to a larger audience from various countries.

Hard Hour – Make Your Voice Matter

Peace is what I strive for, and you must not take it as my weakness. You also need it!

Abdullah Ali Abbasi

Tri Axis Pvt. Ltd.

A Construction Company for building your dreams

Professionally Driven, 21st Century Business Practicing Construction Firm. Hassle-Free, Integral, And Honest Construction Solutions. Your future destiny should be built on strongest concrete with a blend of Iron. We Keep A Strong Grip Over The Changing Regional And Global Business Dimensions. We Know How A Remote Area Converts Into An Eloquently Aesthetic Living Mystery. We Keep The Data In Hand And Use Our All Available Resources To Locate The Most Feasible Opportunity For Our Real-Estate Investors. As We Are Solely Easterners, We Understand Our Customers, Their Customs, And The Required Services.

Tri Axis – Your Future Destiny




I run not for fame, but for my cause, and people of my community – my home.

– Abdullah Ali Abbasi

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