Construction Services
Tri Axis Private Limited

We Keep A Strong Grip Over The Changing Regional And Global Business Dimensions. We Know How A Remote Area Converts Into An Eloquently Aesthetic Living Mystery. We Keep The Data In Hand And Use Our All Available Resources To Locate The Most Feasible Opportunity For Our Real-Estate Investors. As We Are Solely Easterners, We Understand Our Customers, Their Customs, And The Required Services.

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Hard Hour aims to promote Freedom Of Expression with the slogan of "Make Your Voice Matter." Hard Hour is powered by a group of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Engineers, Doctors, Nutritionists, Lawyers and Accountants.

IT Services
Infinity Binary

Infinity Binary will be an emerging face on the horizons of Future. Firm is excelling in promoting 21st century computational solutions. With the slogan of "Promoting Comfort."

Investment Solutions
Abdullah Ali Abbasi

I will provide you modern investment solutions. Be it the real-estate investments or the investments in scaleable e-commerce solutions. We can handle both. From the establishment of a company, it's branding, national, and international competition, we keep an eye on all the factors.

Real Estate Investments
Dubai, EGYPT, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, & USA

From DANUBE properties to DAMAC Dubai, and from EMAAR Properties to MERAAS, we deal it all. Real estate research firms predict that around 50,000 units will hit Dubai this year, with most of it attributed to the spillover of expected handovers from last year.

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Business is all about touching the lives of people. Providing them the necessities and struggling to provide them the fantasy-luxury. The world is growing at a higher pace. The usable period is reducing due to the availability of infinite solutions. Hence it requires to produce smart solutions. The new world's luxury is production & appreciation.

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    I am a professional writer and editor specializing in SEO-friendly articles, blog posts, and creative content. I have completed several projects with well-known firms, companies, and agencies. I can add value to your projects with on-time delivery of your project. I have established a number of brands a list of which include brands like Hard Hour Tri Axis & Fine Living I know that your business and market-patterns are versatile and creative content & narrative matters. That's where I come in.


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    Abdullah Ali Abbasi
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    Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by Profession, Entrepreneur, and a Blogger by Passion.

    Abdullah Ali Abbasi

    Never Lose your Relations, Never Compromise Over Standards, And Never Change Your Decisions With The Changing Circumstances, If You Made Them In Good Faith. Peace!